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Discover the key to eliminating the Waiting.


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There is a chair for any time and any occasion. Experience innovation with Tapateer with no wait time for your chair.

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You now have the ability to book a beauty industry professional in the palm on your hands, take advantage with just a few taps.

Beauty waits for no one

Now you have the tools to view a stylist's availability in real time, eliminating the need for advance appointments and waiting areas. You have the ability to communicate and receive notifications for updates to your real time selection.

Your empire awaits

You can style with Tapateer anytime, day or night, 365 days a year. When you work is always up to you, so it never interupts with the important things in your life..

Tapateer's smartphone apps connect clients with nearby beauty-professionals. Here’s how to request a appointment and be updated real-time.

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